Orion Vehicle Intelligence System™ (Orion VIS) provides subscription-based mobile communications for any powered or unpowered personal vehicle. Orion offers vehicle security, operations management and control, turn-by-turn navigation, emergency response, travel management services, hands free calling, and remote diagnostics worldwide. Orion is competitively differentiated: 1) it lets customers own and control all vehicle and driving data whereas competitors collect and control data and then reports only selected information; 2) enables customers to understand and control how, where, when and why their vehicle is operated; 3) is compatible with all on and off-road new and used vehicles, trailers, boats, and recreational watercraft in a global market; and 4) Orion offers fixed or portable vehicle installation options.

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Elite Vehicle Intelligence System™ (Elite VIS) provides commercial-grade subscription-based mobile tracking and communications for powered or unpowered assets such as tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy equipment, power generators, off-shore vessels, and other assets. Elite VIS™ solutions are used by commercial, multi-modal transportation, military and public safety customers, including sensitive transport of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) cargos as defined by US Army Regulation 190-11. Elite VIS’ proprietary technology provides a powerful, long-term tracking and information management solution even in the harshest environments and remote locations where external power may not be available for months or even years.

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